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Greatest Mysteries: Expedition to Africa
American Museum of Natural History artist Carl Akeley goes to Africa to collect specimens for display and study
June 2014

American Tune: Jan Vilchek
Microbiologist-philanthropist Jan Vilchek, a refugee who led a miraculous life in medical research, is now making miracles for other immigrants in science and the arts

Renaissance Woman: Susan Weber
Metropolis Magazine

Stuffed Animals
The New York Times Sunday Book Review

The Birding Effect: Tim Boucher Discovered Birds and His Inner Conservationist
Nature Conservancy Magazine

Gentle Instigator: Susan Lyons


Birding at the Movies: The Big Year According to Birders

Trigger Rides Again

Cool, Dead and Stuffed
The Daily Beast

An Author Writes About Taxidermy and Stuffs Her First Squirrel
Speakeasy (The Wall Street Journal)

The Taxidermy of Mr. Walter Potter and His Museum of Curiosities
Wonders and Marvels

Sam Berd, 24-Hour Piano Tuner to the Stars
Studio 360
WNYC / Public Radio International

For three generations, the Schwendeman family has been mounting (not stuffing) all types of animals. I visit their Milltown, New Jersey, workshop.
Studio 360
WNYC / Public Radio International

Industrial Strength
Julie Bargeman's on a mission: Can a tough girl from New Jersey teach the E.P.A. how to make Superfund sites live and breath again?

Art Appreciation: The Show Critics Love to Hate—the Whitney Biennial
New York Times

Independent Curators: Have Art, Will Travel
New York Times

When a Polar Bear Needs a Pedicure
New York Times, Science section

Learning from Steve Izenour
History may associate him with Las Vegas, but the legacy he left is most keenly felt in Wildwood, New Jersey

What Exit: Driving the New Jersey Turnpike
From superhighway to despised eyesore in fifty years

Inflation Creates a New Breed of Movers and Shakers
The precarious art of moving gigantic art
New York Times

Keeping the Customers—Surprised
Giving art buyers something completely different can be risky business
Wall Street Journal

A Softening of the Edges
OMA Earthmother Petra Blaisse makes curtains and gardens to temper the Rem Koolhaas chill

Target: AVL
Everybody’s watching the Atelier van Lieshout, but no one can say if their weapon designs, sex equipment, and militia compounds are “just art”—or something more sinister

Boardwalk on the Wild Side
In Wildwood—happily stuck in the ‘50s—glory days are back on the Jersey Shore
Travel Holiday

The Nostalgia Broker
Alex Shear’s Obsession with Consumerism has Created a Mirror of Modern America
Cigar Aficionado

America's Yard Sale
Behind the scenes at Brimfield, the largest outdoor antiques and collectibles market in the U.S.
Cigar Aficionado

A Feather in Your Cape
There’s one good reason to go to Cape May, New Jersey, in spring—most of the tourists are birds
Travel & Leisure


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